A story begins with a look exchanged, an emotion arising… A connection is made.
With that implicit, eloquent yet silent look… like an image that says it all.

My name is Georges, and I have been documenting weddings for the past 20 years. First in Canada, and now in France.
I began shooting weddings at the request of friends and became fascinated in the visual storytelling involved in depicting a wedding. Like a true reporter of moments and moods, I work quickly and unobtrusively, recording each moment as it happens.

With a lot of flair, (and a bit of luck), my intuitive eye places me in the right place and at the right time, to capture THE GREAT SHOT: Spontaneous it is. Exquisite and warm. And… Artistic!
A genuine picture. And I’m the happiest man.


erin + carlo(E)

Dear Georges,

I cannot tell you enough how much your photos mean to my husband and I. The wedding day went by so fast for us, but your photos capture the essence and the details of our special day. Your artistic skill impresses all who see our album and everyone is captivated by how you managed to balance natural and spontaneous photos with perfect lighting and composition.

I had one family member comment that she did not even know we had a photographer and was shocked to see the number and nature of the pictures. Your discretion and kind demeanor means a lot on a wedding day, with so much going on! Your talent in capturing and creating stunning photos ensure that our memories from THAT day will remain as vivid and beautiful in our album as they are in our heads… and our hearts!

Erin and Carlo
rita + michael(E)

Darling Georges,
I haven’t had a chance to call you yet to thank you soooooooooo much for your incredible work. When Michael opened the book and started going through it, he said, NOW THIS IS A REAL PHOTOGRAPHER!! We both were astounded by the emotion and feeling you managed to absolutely capture and bring to life in your shots. You are amazing. If you ever need a reference or someone to write a comment online about you, I am your girl.

Many, many thanks, and many praises on your skillful, emotional poetic-visual essay of my wedding.
Much love,

sofia + eddy(E)

Dear Georges:

We would like to thank you for the wonderful pictures! We love the way you captured the feel of the moment and made us look natural – your subtleness really made us feel at ease that day. You always managed to be at the right place at the right time! We are very happy with your work!

Sofia & Eddy

moranne + laurent(E)

Dear Georges,

We wanted to say thank you – for being such a vital and special part of our wedding!
In the search for our wedding photographer we wanted so many things – we wanted someone professional yet unconventional, creative yet structured, and we wanted someone artistic and inventive – we found all that and more with you.

You managed to create the perfect photo journal of our special moments. We didn’t for a moment feel that we were being photographed only to see later that you captured every moment and angle! Your gentle and tactful manner was an absolute pleasure – Thank you, thank you!

Moranne & Laurent